Corporate Profile

Number of municipalities energized – 24
Number of barangays covered – 569
No. of substation  – 3
Installed Capacity  – 33.75 MVA
Peak Load – 17,593 kw
Barangay energized  – 100%
Municipalities energized – 95%
Number of consumers connected –  71,555
EC classification – Extra Large

Number Substation Capacity in MVA Location
1 Bobon S/S 20 Magsaysay, Bobon
2 Allen S/S 5 Sabang, Allen
3 Lawaan S/S 53.75 Lawaan, Laoang


1st BOD President           – Judge JACINTO T. TOBES 

NORSAMELCO was managed by different NEA Acting General Managers and by Local General Managers, to wit:

Bonifacio D. Alcala (NEA AGM) –  1980 -1984
Edilberto Bassig (NEA AGM) –  1985
Agustin Maddatu (NEA AGM) –  1985-1987
Ricardo Lagniton (NEA AGM) –  1987
Nicasio Baluyo (NEA AGM) –  1987-1988
Marcelino Rivera  (NEA AGM) –  1989
Magdalino Ypil (NEA AGM) –  1989
Evangelito Estaca  (NEA AGM) –  1990-1993
Eduardo Gonzales (NEA AGM) –  1993-1994
Ricardo P. Largo (Local GM) –  1994 – 2003
Management Team –  2004 – 2005
Salvador G. Hernandez (Local GM) –  2005 – 2013
Ramil C. Mora (OIC) –  Feb. – June 2013
Hector N. Tabilisma (NEA PS/AGM) –  July 2013 – present

The province is classified as 2nd class and has a total land area of 3,498 square kilometers or 349,800 hectares. It is composed of 24 municipalities and 569 barangays

The province is composed of two (2) legislative districts. The first district is composed of fourteen (14) municipalities: San Isidro, Victoria, Allen, Lavezares, Rosario, San Jose, Bobon, Lope de Vega, Mondragon, Catarman as the capital town, and four island municipalities namely: San Vicente, Capul, San Antonio and Biri,

The second district, which is composed of Ten (10) municipalities: San Roque, Pambujan, Silvino Lobos, Laoang, Catubig, Las Navas, Palapag, Mapanas, Gamay, and Lapinig.


The province is also divided into three (3) municipal clusters: Western, Central, and Eastern. The Western Cluster is composed of nine (9) municipalities (Allen, Biri, Rosario, Lavezares, Victoria, San Isidro, San Antonio, San Vicente, and Capul); the Central Cluster of six (6) municipalities (Catarman, Bobon, San Jose, Lope de Vega, Mondragon, and San Roque); and the Eastern Cluster of nine (9) municipalities (Laoang, Pambujan, Silvino Lobos, Las Navas, Catubig, Palapag, Mapanas, Gamay, and Lapinig). The major urban centers of the Western, Central, and Eastern Clusters are Allen, Catarman, and Laoang, respectively

The Western Cluster is the center for ecotourism development, where both natural and historical attractions are currently being preserved and tourist facilities are developed. Most tourism sites in the province are found in this Cluster, particularly in the island municipalities of Biri, San, Antonio, San Vicente, and Capul.

The Central Cluster is the center for agri-industry or ecozone development. The municipalities in this cluster are considered to be the expansion areas for settlement and commercial activities. Catarman, in particular, serves as the provincial agri-industrial processing center and educational hub since the seat of educational learning, the University of Eastern Philippines (UEP), is located.

Owing to its substantial land and fisheries resources, the Eastern Cluster is being developed as the province leading agricultural zone and food basket. The focus of this cluster is the development of additional agricultural land for food and commercial crops production.

Electricity of this province is being supplied by Norsamelco, an electric cooperative created under PD 269 on October 10, 1977 with franchise of 24 municipalities in Northern Samar. Loan was granted by NEA to Norsamelco for the construction of Distribution Line along Allen to Mondragon, which was started and constructed on August 1980 by Cervel Electrical Contractor and Engineering Development Corporation of the Philippines (EDCOP) as consultant. Construction of DX line was completed on August 1981 with Catarman as the first municipality to be energized.

On September 19, 1989, the 3.75 megavolts amperes transformer was installed at Brgy Dalakit, Catarman and marked the start of  24-hour services of electricity in Northern Samar.

At present, Norsamelco has three (3) substations located in Bobon, Allen, and Lao-ang serving the 24 municipalites of Northern Samar, including its barangays and sitios.


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